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Thanks Ketawa! I think i'm going to try out the "White Losange - K324", need a new white shirt!
Anyone order the white pinpoint (k325) or the pink twill (K321) fabrics? Both are on sale, trying to see if I should make the move, thanks!
excellent, thanks guys!
  Hey Guys, Do you think this suit is too loud for a conservative business environment? It is a BB Fitzgerald, little worried about the pin stripe (also, it looks like a light shade of Navy, hoping it is darker in person). Got a pretty good deal on it ($350), so I figured I would take a chance. Thanks for the comments!
Picked up a Fitzgerald navy pinstripe suit on sale for $374 ($405 w/ shipping and tax). Fingers crossed the suit fits! Thanks for the code!!!
Hey Guys, I'm very envious of all your finds! If someone finds a 40L suit please let me know, I have been searching and never come across one of decent quality. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!
Hi Guys, Looking for some hair style advice, wondering if anyone could help. I have a long face and a receding hairline (the receding hairline is not really noticeable - at this point in time). I'm 25 and work in the finance industry, so the cut must be professional. Usually I just go to the hair salon and tell them to "clean it up" which ends with about 2 and half inches on the top and faded on the sides. Thinking about just shaving it all off, to try...
Hey Guys, my apologies but I really don't feel like going back and reading all the posts so I'm looking for a quick response (I know lazy-mans way out). So, my experience with modern tailor, I order 2 shirts about a year ago I was VERY pleased with the results (to this day they are my favorite shirts - and had great experience with the customer service). 6 months later I order another shirt - the construction/quality was subpar buttons, fell off in about a month. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by JGloger This was my issue. The sale supposedly was valid xx-19th. This would seem to be inclusive, meaning the sale should have still been going until the 19th ended. I checked around 10pm (Pacific Standard Time) on the 18th and the sale had ended. I'm with you guys don't worry. I was traveling for work got back today all excited to order shirts thinking I had until the end of the day. Man was I disappointed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse I agree completely, but it doesn't look like we're going to get an SF-only code for November. I got a message from Emma as well and they're only giving out the Facebook promo for now. I'm addicted to the discount, so I had to go for it...I'm now a fan of MT on Facebook, but at least I got my discount! It's the same 20% off, up to a max of $20 that we had in October. Not going to lie, I'm supper cheap and...
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