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excellent, thanks guys!
  Hey Guys, Do you think this suit is too loud for a conservative business environment? It is a BB Fitzgerald, little worried about the pin stripe (also, it looks like a light shade of Navy, hoping it is darker in person). Got a pretty good deal on it ($350), so I figured I would take a chance. Thanks for the comments!
Picked up a Fitzgerald navy pinstripe suit on sale for $374 ($405 w/ shipping and tax). Fingers crossed the suit fits! Thanks for the code!!!
Hey Guys, I'm very envious of all your finds! If someone finds a 40L suit please let me know, I have been searching and never come across one of decent quality. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!
Hi Guys, Looking for some hair style advice, wondering if anyone could help. I have a long face and a receding hairline (the receding hairline is not really noticeable - at this point in time). I'm 25 and work in the finance industry, so the cut must be professional. Usually I just go to the hair salon and tell them to "clean it up" which ends with about 2 and half inches on the top and faded on the sides. Thinking about just shaving it all off, to try...
Guys this is a great thread! I previously accepted the fact I would never find a high quality/well fitting peacoat ever until I stumbled on this thread! I decided to go with a sterling but have a few questions, I need your help to decide which particular model to get! Can't decide on the Authentic, Classic or Navigator. The jacket will be worn in Boston with slacks and a collared shirt (business casual). I'm tall and skinny (6'3 160 pounds) so my thought...
Yes, they are seconds I assume the striping is the reason being. I have to admit the more and more I look at them the more I like it, don't get me wrong had I the choice I would not go with the stripe look but I think I can live with it because I love the shoe. I'll tell you what; it definitely gives the shoes character, just deciding if it's the right character.
I just got a pair of the Allen Edmonds Bel Air in Walnut, I am very pleased with the shoes but the walnut dye appears to be striped? Anyone else have this experience? A couple results came back after I searched but I am wondering how the color will age after many cream/conditioner applications. Trying to determine if I am going to return them (got them at a good basis - $129 NIB). Will post pics later, Thanks guys!
Hey Guys, I am thinking about buying a pair of Allen Edmonds Evanston in 10B I was wondering how the 0 last fits in relation to the width? Unfortunately I don't have the ability to try the shoes on but I can get them for a good price point. AEs website describes the last as "A more pronounced cone and elongated forepart with a subtly clipped toe create a sleek silhouette" but that doesn't give me too much info on the width so I thought I would try and get a few...
Anyone order fabric number p148 (Blue and White Stripes - on sale now), if so how do you like the fabric? Is the blue very bright? Thanks!
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