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Thanks for your reply. For me, it's not so much that the shoe is too tight. I have skinny ankles so I have some wiggle room when I tie up the shoes.
I just got some new Alden Unlined Suede Chukkas. These are my first aldens and I love them, however the edge of the back of the shoe is digging into my achilles and breaking skin. Has anyone had this issue before? Is this part of the "break-in" process? The back of the shoe is very stiff and I don't know if it'll ever become soft. Maybe I need to develop some callouses on my achilles or something.
If that other picture is the look you're going for, I'd stick with the ones that you have on. No need to size up.
I don't recommend any izakaya spots in ktown. If you go further east there's some good places in little tokyo/downtown. Check out izakaya fuga and izakaya yuji.OB bear is more known for their KFC (korean fried chicken) which is really good by the way.
looks pretty cool. only a few blocks from my place so im definitely going to try to swing by.
damn that sounds like a brutal schedule. i don't blame you for not going to the gym during the week. it sounds like your job keeps you pretty active, so I would concentrate on eating cleaner. listen to what Aneil4lom said and try to plan out your lunch and snacks for the week on weekends.
great idea for a thread
any fix isn't going to look right. i vote retiring them unless you want to turn them into jorts
you should try looking into urban outfitters unbranded jeans
yes, it's still the same burger. nothing has really changed. if you want what I think is the best burger in LA though, try Golden State on fairfax.
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