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Grey glen-plaid trousers are great with navy blazers.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor you need at least 4" or more in the seat circumference. I noticed this right away. But everything else looks pretty good. Hopefully it won't shrink too much.
Most of the outlets have mostly made-for-outlet clothes. Occasionally I'll find a couple Polo suits, trousers or sports coats, and even less BL or PL. Woodbury Common has an outlet specifically for BL and PL.
I'm a big fan of one-button jackets, and I like them to have notch lapels as long as it isn't for formal wear. It looks a bit tight across the chest in front. The lack of vents calls attention to your behind. What that jacket needs is nice long side vents, but that won't happen. The jacket is much too tight across the seat, so you might see if there is fabric to be let out to make it less snug. And make sure you have the sleeves taken up a little.
Try Pakeman, Catto & Carter or David Edward. David Edward's Morning Wear range is the one to look at. Choose the horn button, not the cloth covered.
There's no way we can tell without a picture. Taking in the waist may or may not make the pockets pop out. It depends on how the seat is altered. If the pockets don't pop out with a larger waist, a good tailor will make sure they don't when the waist is taken in. The proper length of the rise depends on your overall height and the length of your torso. I'm 5'9" but I need somewhat of a long rise (12-13 inches). The waistband of your trousers should sit around your navel or...
You are size 38 in BB if you are 40 in RLBL. As long as the wedding is black tie, the double-breasted is a good choice as it is not as formal as a single breasted "tux." Just make sure you wear a turndown collar and not a wing collar.
Search the forum for blazer buttons and you will find many suggestions. Navy buttons on a navy blazer usually make it look like a suit jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by joshman 56 inches long ties. Who're gonna buy them? My ideal tie length is 55 inches, so 56 isn't far off.
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman +1. I prefer smoked MOP buttons. It should then be obvious to (almost) anyone that it's not an orphaned suit jacket. That's my favourite. I have a two different single-breasted blazers; one has smoked MOP and the other has white MOP. But on my double-breasted blazer I prefer metal, though I don't have brass.
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