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I'd wear white or cream linen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland How about a few grenadine ties from www.samhober.com instead? They don't have the flat bottoms though. Grenadines can't be compared to knits. Knits are casual and grenadines are much more formal. Grenadines are constructed just like a normal tie. And knit ties with pointed bottoms always look awkward to me. I have a bunch of Brooks Brothers knit ties that's I'm fairly happy with. I've gotten most of them...
Quote: Originally Posted by bjan Just buy it and if you find you don't like the pleat a) get a tailor to remove the pleat If the pleats are forward pleats, properly removing them is a much more time consuming task than removing reverse pleats. The trousers are cut differently. However, sewing the pleat into a dart is always an option.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger How d'ya like that. Its a navy microstripe three piece suit. Only if it's an authentic Jackson Pollack.
That suit is either the wrong size or just a bad cut for you. A cheap suit that fits you is infinitely better than an expensive suit that does not. You should care less about names and more about quality. If your tailor makes you a suit (and he is good at it) it will be better than anything you can buy off the pegs. Look into English cloths rather than Italian. Holland & Sherry and Scabal are some of the best, though they may not be names you know. Italian clothes are...
Stripes are for suits, so avoid on odd trousers. If you want custom trousers go somewhere else. What fabrics did you have in mind? BB offers every classic seasonal fabric I could want. Flannel, cavalry twill, gabardine, and tropical wool will cover you for every season. If it is fit you need, then you could try BB, but they can't do much about style. BB just doesn't make the style I like anymore and my local BB is unable to accommodate me on that part.
Bookster lists that fabric under the Suiting heading. Here's a PoW that is appropriate for either a suit or a sports coat: This is probably the simplest PoW that you could get away with on a sports coat.
That's a classic style as long as you leave the top button open. ^Does it very well.
I love single pleats, and I'd wear more if I could find them OTR in a fit that suits me. For me they have to be inward facing, as is the way I prefer with any pleats. Many of the English brands sell this style, and it's especially popular on Savile Row these days. They look a lot cleaner than double pleats, but they need to fit well or they'll look terrible.
I'm a big fan of Dressing The Man and I think it offers good advice that Flusser should use a bit more on himself. I can't say I've seen much of his clothes that have really appealed to me. My father has a Flusser blazer that he got about 20-25 years ago at Saks, and it really shows. It has big shoulders, a low gorge, a 4x1 button stance, and no vent. The style was influenced by the 80s more than anything else.
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