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I went into the White Plains store and asked them about certain style options. They were quite limited and could not offer me forward pleats, amongst other things.
Does anyone else think the shirt looks a bit short? Unless you wear your trousers up at your waist, I don't think the shirt would stay tucked in all day.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del OK, I dont have access to Edwin Deboise. But have you got anyuthing made by him and if so could you post some pics I wish I had a suit by DeBoise. Vox has shown us his many pieces from DeBoise. DeBoise can make very shapely suits with fewer darts, seams, fishes, etc. than any other tailor I've seen. His dart-less jackets are much shapelier than traditional sacks. I've seen examples of his one-piece backs that...
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv Thanks for your reply, Matt S. Please excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by it isn't a good choice for business or dressier occasions? I'm not disagreeing with you but I wonder if you could expand on what you said. I agree plain colours are more versatile. I have blue and black Crombies too plus other overcoats. What kind of clothes do you think this goes with? The reason I ask is I now have 2 of them. One in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter As long as we're on the topic, could someone please explain what a "self backed" waistcoat is and why one would want/need that? I have a waistcoat from a 3 piece suit, it's pinstripe and silk backed, can I wear it with a different suit? Pinstriped waistcoats don't work well with other suits. It should be solid or checked.
These are casual trousers, so don't worry about keeping them perfectly pressed.
This isn't a good choice for business or dressier occasions. It's good for wearing over a rustic sports coat or tweed suit. The pattern is quite bold for a topcoat. Overcoats in plain or herringbone cloths are the most useful as they can go with so much more.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeff13007 is it really that bad to not wear a belt even with a two piece? i mean even if you have the belt loops do you have to put a belt through them? I prefer all suits equipped with side adjusters and buttons for braces. If I wear it with a waistcoat I wear braces. If without the waistcoat, I use the side adjusters. I never wear a belt with a suit.
You won't be able to get a matching waistcoat. If the wedding is during the day wear a white shirt and a light grey, light blue, or buff/beige (my favourite) waistcoat. If the wedding is in the evening just go with two pieces.
If you want a dart-less coat as nice as Voxsartoria's you'll need to go to Edwin Deboise. You won't find a dart-less sack shaped so nicely anywhere else. But I agree with that you're over-concerned about the matching. The matching is quite acceptable in your sports coat with the patch pockets. It's the same with flap pockets.
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