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Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Matt S, Do you work in the industry? No I don't. I've just done a lot of research to help me and other know what I want.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers Your revision is an infinite improvement. Thank you for the kind words.
If the shirts are that slim they'll need a bit of stretch or they would be quite uncomfortable and likely to rip with certain movements.
I really like the first pair. That's a nice last, and the bevelled waist looks great. I'm not too crazy about the second one. The sleekness of the wholecut and the chunkiness of the Norwegian welt don't mix well in my eyes. But I can't deny the quality of the craftsmanship.
I've placed an order with ModernTailor and I've been really impressed with their customer service. The Live Help was especially helpful. I was interested in their claim that they could copy an style. I wanted a cocktail cuff, but done a certain way. They have a "portofino cuff" that looks like this: This style is typical of online shirtmakers, but I regret to say that I don't find it very elegant, especially how the corner of the cuff tends to fold back when it...
Avoid stripes for weddings, stripes are for the office. A solid grey in a herringbone weave has more interest than a plain weave and gives the appearance of subtle stripes. It's a classic for formal wear.
Flat fronts are the oldest style. Plain bottoms are more formal and cuffs came about in casual wear. Forward pleats (English style) are more traditional than reverse pleats (Italian style). Double pleats are more traditional than single pleats. More than 3 pleats are less traditional. Nowadays pleats and cuffs are seen as more traditional than flat fronts and plain bottoms.
I went into the White Plains store and asked them about certain style options. They were quite limited and could not offer me forward pleats, amongst other things.
Does anyone else think the shirt looks a bit short? Unless you wear your trousers up at your waist, I don't think the shirt would stay tucked in all day.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del OK, I dont have access to Edwin Deboise. But have you got anyuthing made by him and if so could you post some pics I wish I had a suit by DeBoise. Vox has shown us his many pieces from DeBoise. DeBoise can make very shapely suits with fewer darts, seams, fishes, etc. than any other tailor I've seen. His dart-less jackets are much shapelier than traditional sacks. I've seen examples of his one-piece backs that...
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