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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday What about tan coats and the like in summertime? Do you find that presents the same issue with shirt contrast? Also, I should clarify my earlier remarks to note that I was thinking about solid light gray sportcoats. That was the target of the AA complaint -- solid gray sportcoats just weren't done. I don't buy it. Also, here's Robert Redford rocking a light gray sportcoat with denim. Very '70s, but still looks...
Quote: Originally Posted by spitfirees20 What are the benefits of a split back? It looks nicer on a striped shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood Outstanding work, Matt! may I ask what program you used to design the schematics? Adobe Illustrator
Quote: Originally Posted by columbia92 Looks like ModernTailor has already added your cuff to their cuff selection. I also noticed they added a bunch of shirt fabric as well. I've noticed too. I provided the matching illustration on their page. If I decide to order from them again this will sure make it much easier for me, unless I want to design another cuff.
From the many examples I have seen, DeBoise is clearly one of the best tailors in the world. Seeing his perfectly-fitted one-piece back really did it for me. Someone really needs to come up with a list of questions and topics and hold a long interview.
Would this also make the thigh width narrower? How about the seat? How would the rest of the trousers be affected?
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins Yours looks just like the ones I have on a few T&A shirts, and that's a definite improvement. If I ordered from MT, my preference would be for your version of that cuff. Thanks. The T&A turnback cuff was part of my inspiration, but the proportions of the T&A cuff are a bit different. I based the cuff more on the cuffs Roger Moore wore in the final season of The Saint and in The Man With The Golden Gun and...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Matt S, Do you work in the industry? No I don't. I've just done a lot of research to help me and other know what I want.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers Your revision is an infinite improvement. Thank you for the kind words.
If the shirts are that slim they'll need a bit of stretch or they would be quite uncomfortable and likely to rip with certain movements.
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