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Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I would definitely go with navy thread. +1. I use navy thread myself.
If you want colour down the middle of your shirt I suggest you wear a tie.
I have a vintage WWII peacoat with 6 buttons to show plus 2 under the collar to button up all the way, for a total of 8.
The suit isn't cut right for you, and it's too far off to alter. Sizing up or down won't solve anything and just create other problems. If RLBL doesn't fit you, try something else. It's a nice suit, but it is not for everyone. It's not for me, but Polo RL suits fit me better than anything else.
Will there be a long-rise available for those who need it?
Quote: Originally Posted by stat1 The main reason for my question is because the suit will be a three piece and most agree that belts are not the way to go even though they will be covered by a vest. I'm not a fan of braces really and was looking for the right alternative. Thanks again all. Belts are indeed covered by the vest, but they are not hidden. They create a lump underneath, most noticeably at the buckle. Side adjusters are fine, but...
Is it for you or your best man? I don't recommend that you both wear the same tie. Get another tie that is similar, but not the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by BillyMaysHere! I never take mine out (unless replacing them). I don't recommend washing and ironing your shirts with the collar stays in.
I have both and can't decide myself which one I like better. I do agree that the buttons look nicer, but if it's a suit they won't be seen most of the time anyway. If you're wearing the suit to work and taking off your jacket, then it may make a difference to you. I never wear a suit to work, so I'm never in a situation where I'd take off my suit jacket. I really don't have much experience with using side adjusters because I usually wear those suits with braces. If I had...
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday What about tan coats and the like in summertime? Do you find that presents the same issue with shirt contrast? Also, I should clarify my earlier remarks to note that I was thinking about solid light gray sportcoats. That was the target of the AA complaint -- solid gray sportcoats just weren't done. I don't buy it. Also, here's Robert Redford rocking a light gray sportcoat with denim. Very '70s, but still looks...
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