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Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher New model later this year with button stance 1" lower. 2" lower is way too low... we toyed around with it and finalized the model - going into production later this Spring/Summer. And again - I don't think the pick-stitching is nearly that noticeable in reality - any others who have purchased/seen the garment agree or disagree? I've edited the picture to see what it would look like with a button...
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy would be better without the pick stitching all over it I agree. The pick stitching is too noticeable. It looks alright, but it would look much better if the button stance were an inch or 2 lower. Most people aren't built for the high button stance that the Benjamin suits have.
Quote: Originally Posted by pabloj New & Lingwood +1. They don't have many on their website, only one or two IIRC. You could call them and see what else they have. But they get the style right and they are well-made. Many of the online tailors don't get the style right and cut them square. Bond's cuffs are all curves. I submitted my own design to moderntailor.com to rectify this, and now they have added the proper turnback cuff to their...
Quote: Originally Posted by viator So where do these fit on the formality continuum? It seems they'd be more formal than a barrel cuff, but less formal than French cuffs, but some other threads indicate these are a casual style. Some sources say that they were designed for Sean Connery for Dr. No. Connery wore them only with his suits and blazers in that movie. The same goes for From Russia With Love and Diamonds Are Forever. In Thunderball,...
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I would definitely go with navy thread. +1. I use navy thread myself.
If you want colour down the middle of your shirt I suggest you wear a tie.
I have a vintage WWII peacoat with 6 buttons to show plus 2 under the collar to button up all the way, for a total of 8.
The suit isn't cut right for you, and it's too far off to alter. Sizing up or down won't solve anything and just create other problems. If RLBL doesn't fit you, try something else. It's a nice suit, but it is not for everyone. It's not for me, but Polo RL suits fit me better than anything else.
Will there be a long-rise available for those who need it?
Quote: Originally Posted by stat1 The main reason for my question is because the suit will be a three piece and most agree that belts are not the way to go even though they will be covered by a vest. I'm not a fan of braces really and was looking for the right alternative. Thanks again all. Belts are indeed covered by the vest, but they are not hidden. They create a lump underneath, most noticeably at the buckle. Side adjusters are fine, but...
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