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Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig PS. pant rise is also a bit too high and contributes to "old man" silhouette (really becomes apparent in the side jacket-less pic), but I'm guessing there isn't a lot that can be done to address that now. The trouser rise isn't high at all. The trousers don't even reach the waist in the front, though the height is right in the back. It doesn't look "old man" at all to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven non iron has a special treatment that reduces the need for ironing. easy care has a resin finish, but still needs to be ironed. It is just easier to iron. Is one better than the other, or are both equally bad.
I'd get all my trousers with side tabs if I could. I never wear a belt with a suit, usually going for braces. If I wearing a sports coat I'll wear braces there too. Without a jacket I wear a belt, but I'd prefer side tabs instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe What's a French placket, hidden buttons? The term is "French front," which is a shirt with a plain front. Hidden buttons is called a fly front.
Quote: Originally Posted by nioh Looks good, too bad (single) pleats are treated with slight disdain though as I feel most would benefit from that, especially with office pants. It would be great if these were offered in a single forward pleat. It would also be nice to see them in a long rise as well. The only long-rise trousers I see these days are the ones sold with Long-length suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood their split yoke is a bit useless. Can you check whether there is a single yoke underneath the split yoke? I've got two such shirts :/ There is indeed a single yoke underneath. I just looked at my Turnbull & Asser shirt: the outer yoke is split with the stripes meeting at an angle; the inner yoke is also split, but with the stripes meeting straight across.
Quote: Originally Posted by Odd I/O I have a noobish fit question. With a 10.5 inch rise where do the waist of these pants 'sit'? Is it at the navel/belly button level or below? If below by how much? That depends on your body alone. And your navel has nothing to do with the position of your waist.
I got the shirt and laundered, so here are the pictures: The measurements didn't come out exactly how I input them, but the shirt still fits decently. I copied the measurements of a well fitting shirt. There was a bit of shrinkage after laundering, more than they said would occur. I'll make a a few of the measurements a little bigger next time. The armhole is a little smaller than I asked for, but it still fits and allows great ease of movement. I'm happy...
A body length that short only looks okay with short sleeves. A long sleeve shirt needs a longer body.
I'm all for the Steed. The suit's drape, waist suppression, and button stance look perfect to me. The suit looks better than the sports coats because the jacket works well with the cut of the trousers. None of the other trousers look as nice as the Steed trousers.
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