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I think Cary Grant had some button-down spread collar shirts that have double cuffs. But unless you are Cary Grant that might be hard to pull off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier Why not go with a more traditional wedding tie, such as this Shepherd's check from Kent Wang? https://www.kentwang.com/ties/shepherds-check.html And don't let them wear black suits. +1 on everything. A small black and white check would be most traditional, and far more interesting than a silver satin tie. Get everyone something a little different, like shepherds check, houndstooth check, glen check,...
Quote: Originally Posted by turtleorrodeo Is there a real difference between breeks and plus X's? I've heard something that looks like these are decent pants for cycling, practically at least. Breeks, breeches, britches, and Knickerbockers (to the Americans, typically baggier) are all the same. Plus-twos and plus-fours describe the length below the knee.
Here's another suggestion to always get swatches. Swatches were a tremendous help when I got my midnight blue garza grossa tie. I got swatches of black, midnight blue, dark navy and navy to see which of the three navies I wanted. I got the black for comparison. Get swatches of the colour you think you want and swatches of a few similar ones. It will extend the wait time the amount of time it takes to get the swatches, but it helps so much to know what you are getting. Also...
I don't know if Carl Goldberg does CMT, but he's one of the most reasonably-priced shirtmakers in NYC regardless. He posts here as shirtmaven.
So this is Chuck Bass? Girls in college used to compare me to him, though they said I was a much nicer person. I didn't realize he dressed in suits, because I very rarely wore suits to class.
Quote: Originally Posted by Recoil This outfit rivals Cary Grant in North by Northwest. I made a whole post about The Adjustment Bureau; this movie has the best dressed cast of male characters I've ever seen. Usually it's just the main character, but in this film everyone was impeccable and all had a unique style. It's the hats that made it so great. I'm not sure if I like how the hats were part of the story; I think I would've just...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Easy/soporific answers from a MC forum perspective: North by Northwest (Kilgour) Connery Bond movies (Anthony Sinclair "Conduit Street Cut") I have to agree with you on the Connery Bond movies, after all I do write a blog about it. Anthony Sinclair's suits were always spectacular. But I hate the term "Conduit Cut." Anyone who I've seen used the term uses it incorrectly. I think it's an web-term because no...
A dark suit is fine. Keep it in the grey family in a plain or herringbone weave.
Studs look better than button covers, though I prefer mother of pearl over onyx (though some may not like MOP for black tie). If you don't want to spend money on studs, and this is for black tie and your shirt has a turn-down collar, there's no problem with regular buttons.
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