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My father has a pair of the Polo Dalton pant in navy flannel.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH No, he means on the back of the right lapel so you can "pop" the collar and fasten the button with the lapel button hole to give it a sort of "nehru" suit look. I have a Hugo Boss top coat that has this. The lapels have to be made in such a way that it is designed to do this. If you just put a button on the back of your right lapel and try to do it with anything it might not line up properly and with peaked...
Quote: Originally Posted by il_colonnello That is true, I just tried them on again. I don't know if I want them higher though as I have rather long legs anyway and don't want the trousers to emphasise that more than necessary. But I may bring it to the tailor's attention next time, see what he thinks. You also have a long torso, and the short rise makes it look even longer. The trousers should at least be higher than the bottom button of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle I've never seen them discounted. The salesman at RL told me the solids never go on sale. I can't be sure if he was being honest as he was trying to flip me a pinstripe at the time... I'd believe it. At a lot of stores when suits are on sale the stripes might be 20% off whilst the solids are 10% off.
The button stance would look more balanced if it were an inch or two lower. The trouser rise is much too short for someone of your height. They don't sit anywhere close to your waist. I'd demand that they remake the trousers.
Are the side adjusters the elastic type? Aren't the pleats on the trousers are forward pleats, not reverse pleats as you mention?
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Your call. Well-dressed men do not wear their trousers on their hips. +1 Wearing trousers at the hips is a current fad that will pass. It has come and gone before and will do so again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter ^^^ that sounds about right. I like my top (of 2) buttons to be just above my belly button, within say 2 inches, then the bottom button should be around or just above the belt buckle. It sounds like your trousers are too low or you have a very high belly button. The top button (of 2) should be just above the belt, which should be around the navel. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by yarnsforth +1 though I can deal with a 2-button jacket's lower button being max 1.25" above belt. For me, the lower button on a 2-button jacket needs to be below the belt. The top button should be about an inch above the belt. The shirt should not show below the top button.
Button stances have been going up for the past decade. The 2-button jackets now are pretty much 3-button jackets without the bottom button. And jackets have been getting shorter. Trouser rises have been going down. I'm sure these smaller styles are saving manufacturers a bit of money. I'm 5'9" and I need a 42 L instead of a 40 R in these modern styles. Then I would need a lot of alterations. I've been buying older suits on eBay because these modern suits won't fit me. I'm...
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