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This is for those who like pleats. If you think pleats are the devil's work, this is not for you. Select as many as you like.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Curious about this too. Looks like the side hems are not single needle like how Jantzen does it, which matters to some people -- me, not so much. BTW, French cuffs are incongruous with the oxford fabric and stitched down placket. I agree that French cuffs are out of place with a casual oxford cloth, but there's nothing wrong with french cuffs and a placket. It's the way it's done on Jermyn St.
I'd recommend a cummerbund. If you must wear a vest, the only lapel there is a shawl lapel.
I'm with the others that you shouldn't match with the shirt and tie. I second the recommendation for a white shirt and black tie. The only place to coordinate is with a pocket square.
The suit on the right fits better through the chest, and it has a nice lapel role. But the suit on the right is a better length and the shoulders look better on you. I think the flap pockets are more flattering. Each of them are good in their own ways.
Classic fit with a long rise, side straps, and single forward pleats would do it for me.
Because it is cotton it is for summer wear, which tells me it needs MoP.
My father has a pair of the Polo Dalton pant in navy flannel.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH No, he means on the back of the right lapel so you can "pop" the collar and fasten the button with the lapel button hole to give it a sort of "nehru" suit look. I have a Hugo Boss top coat that has this. The lapels have to be made in such a way that it is designed to do this. If you just put a button on the back of your right lapel and try to do it with anything it might not line up properly and with peaked...
Quote: Originally Posted by il_colonnello That is true, I just tried them on again. I don't know if I want them higher though as I have rather long legs anyway and don't want the trousers to emphasise that more than necessary. But I may bring it to the tailor's attention next time, see what he thinks. You also have a long torso, and the short rise makes it look even longer. The trousers should at least be higher than the bottom button of the...
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