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Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Is there any way to get grenadine ties without spending $80+ ? It depends on the type of grenadine. This type of grenadine can't be found more cheaply than from Sam Hober for $80: This type can be found from Paul Winston and J Press for much less: You can find both types of grenadine ties on ebay, used and new, for a lot less.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia Yes I did very succesfully, honest. But please don´t think as me as that guy with those funny designs and strange ties from this forum. I can´t remember his name Are you thinking of Eric Glennie? I'd be interested to see a picture of the suit with the added button.
A grenadine ties would be great if you want texture: David Hober can make any width you like.
It can definitely be brought up. The button stance should still look fine after you shorten the jacket 1.5 in. If the pockets end up looking too close to the bottom, tuck in the flaps. If there are vents, they might end up being a little short but still okay. Make sure you have the sleeves shortened, by about an inch.
Quote: Originally Posted by Icehawk Anyone else? Not diggin' a cummerbund, seems to rental to me. My thought is a vest with deep scoop would stand out and be traditional but a lot of them are lapel-less or have the a squared-off peudo-shawl collar - not sure if either is good idea. So does a notch lapel dinner jacket. For a waistcoat, the squared-off lapels are traditional.
Linen is cooler.
I believe there are parts of the US where one can wear an ivory DJ, but not the northeast. I think it's okay below the Mason-Dixon Line after Memorial Day.
What is a peak collar? It looks like you have a wide spread collar. You want to re-cut it to a cutaway? Where will you put the collar stays? You'd be much better off just buying some shirts with cutaway collars.
Quote: Originally Posted by needshoehelp Forward pleats are okay, but they are less flattering and flare out more. When they don't fit well, flared forward pleats look worse than flared reverse pleats. When they a properly fitted, I find that forward pleats are more flattering and more effective. But that's just my experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by Contango Does anyone except public servants wear plain white shirts without French cuffs? A white button cuff shirt is the most recommended shirt for interviews in America.
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