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White, light blue, cream and ecru are all great shirt colours to wear with a charcoal suit. Pink also works well too, if you're daring enough. And as far as other shirt colours with a suit, I'm not too fond of others, but some people like lilac.
After this has been established, we need a poll with these two choices.
I always wear black shoes with charcoal and navy suits, but burgundy shoes go great with both too. Brown with charcoal and navy I was never a big fan. But brown shoes go with everything else.
I like ecru shirts (the term usually used for shirts in this colour). Though a pale yellow/cream might be a little better. Now as for the tie, it needs to contrast with the shirt.
If I did then I'd have shoe covers, not make people take off their shoes. You don't care about how much bacteria is on your foot. There's quite a lot inside your shoe. Most people have smelly feet, and that comes from bacteria. That's why I prefer people to keep their shoes on.
I keep my shoes on when I get home.I'm careful not to spill food when cooking, though I'm typically not wearing good shoes when cooking. But I always wear shoes when cooking. If something hot did spill, I wouldn't want to be without shoes. And the floor gets dirty in the kitchen, so I'd rather the bottoms of my shoes get dirty than my socks.When I go to bed, I put my shoes on the floor next to my bed with trees in. The go in the closet the next morning when I take out my...
Go back to the 60s in America: flat front and cuffs. And what about in London? Pleats and no cuffs.
I never wrote that. At one time, double vents on a single-breasted jacket weren't as acceptable, but no vent is fine on either. The single vent is there for riding horseback. Double-breasted jackets aren't very practical on horseback since there is no cutaway front, so a single vent has no place on a double-breasted jacket. There's no logical reasoning as to why pleats and cuffs have to go together. It's all personal preference.
A lot of people think cuffs/pleats and flat front/plain hem is a rule. A lot of websites say it's a rule too. I'm not sure if this is just an internet thing or if it was around before the internet. Bowtielad might genuinely believe this. I think Brooks Brothers promotes this "rule," even though in their golden years they were known for the trad flat front/cuffs look.
I'm for cuffs. Light-weight trousers benefit from the extra weight of cuffs.
New Posts  All Forums: