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A lot of people think cuffs/pleats and flat front/plain hem is a rule. A lot of websites say it's a rule too. I'm not sure if this is just an internet thing or if it was around before the internet. Bowtielad might genuinely believe this. I think Brooks Brothers promotes this "rule," even though in their golden years they were known for the trad flat front/cuffs look.
I'm for cuffs. Light-weight trousers benefit from the extra weight of cuffs.
I keep my shoes on in my own home. I have a rough welcome mat that is very good at cleaning shoes. And I have good carpets, which means they can take a beating and withstand shoes just fine. But my dog is much harder on carpets than any shoes could be. There are a few people who always take off their shoes when they come into my home, and some of them have feet that smell so bad I'd rather they didn't. One friend of mine has me take off shoes in his house, but he's the...
I like the silver oxide. But if the crest on the buttons is not your own, do not wear the buttons. You're best off finding plain metal buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saturdays Saddest thing I've ever experienced is a friend of mine came up to me at a wedding and was showing off his Lauren by Ralph Lauren suit, which he called his Polo suit. He was told me," I got it Macy's for like $100." I then proceeded to explain to him about the error in his statement to him saying "No, no it is the same, I bought it from Macy's its not like I got it from TJ Maxx or something." And that is the reason...
I like mine with single forward pleats. But cuffs do not work well on moleskin because it is so heavy.
I'd be interested to know how much the companies listen to what their consumers want, because in the past few years I find nothing I like in clothing stores. I'd like to know if lower trousers rises and slim-fitting clothes are popular with manufacturers because they use less cloth. Because these trends surely don't fit the masses.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman ^^ sort of like wearing double cuffs with only the inner layer done up, The folded up cuff just flaps about getting caught on things? The picture above is of me (I designed that cuff to be made by Modern Tailor because their standard "portofino cuff" was not very nice)and I never have any problem with the cuffs getting caught. But if the edges of the cuff are square-cut and not rounded, they will get caught....
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexE Don't do the necktie at a black tie event. +1. If it's black tie and you're not a famous person in the entertainment industry, a black bowtie is necessary.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl The collars in the pics above are not spread All collars in this thread, including the ones at the top, are indeed spread collars. Are you confusing them with cutaway collars? And to Spoo, do your Italian shirt collars have fused or sewn interlinings? I know Italians are know for fused collars, but I get all my high-end shirts from English makers with sewn interlinings. And what type of tie knot do you use?...
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