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That ruins up the elegance of the silk-faced lapels. And pick stitching is typically done on the edge, not 1/4" in, which is more appropriate on a sports coat. If you want to set yourself apart, get turnback cuffs on the jacket.
Also the Polo IV, which has a ticket pocket. The "Hacking" has the same button stance, and I think there's a similar peak lapel model.
Black shoes are perfectly fine with that suit, and probably what I would wear. Burgundy shoes would look good too. I'm not so sure about brown.
I have a custom fit shirt and it is plenty slim. If you want something that fits even closer get it altered. Such a close fit is best done when it is made for you specifically.
You can't make a jacket into a 3-roll-2 by just pressing. It's cut differently to get the lapel to roll over.
You can press the jacket so the lapel doesn't fold flat. But you can't change where the lapel rolls just by pressing. The collar needs to be altered for that.
I know the traditional sharkskin (pick-and-pick), which is an even twill weave that alternates black (or coloured) and white yarns in both the warp and weft. But what is the shiny sharkskin exactly? Is it the same weave, just in mohair or polyester? I have a traditional sharkskin suit in all wool and it isn't shiny at all.
They are not formal enough with a business suit. They are okay with tweed suits and with sports coats, but I'm I'm going to wear something between my jacket and shirt I prefer a waistcoat. A jumper is too bulky.If your "belly zone" shows below your jacket that's another problem. It means your trousers need a higher rise or your jacket's button stance is too high. Nothing should be showing there.
I really like the double FIH because it still has the asymmetrical shape but is more secure than the FIH. It never slips!
The weejuns would be my choice. Driving shoes are just too casual for any type of suit IMO and oxfords are too formal. Tassel loafers could work too. Personally I'd wear black monk shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: