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1) I'd like to see more classic solid poplins. Like a sky blue, periwinkle and cream. Plus end-on-end shirts, like in light blue and mid blue. Those are the most basic of shirts and what I get the most use out of. 2) I'd like to see a classic black and white Glen Urquhart check suit and darker grey glen checks. Navy and grey birdseye would be nice to see as well. 3) I prefer seeing more fabric choices. Models are irrelevant if the clothes are custom-made. They can help...
I can't say those work for me.
The colour of shirt and tie are fine, but don't wear a button down collar.
I don't disagree, but darker than French blue and what tie do you wear with it?
So you're in high school? Men don't match their date. I'd have to recommend a solid white shirt since it's for a dance at night. A light blue tie would go best, especially since there is light blue in the suit. I'd recommend a solid shirt and tie since the suit is patterned. It's best to keep things simple in the evening. Because there is blue in the suit, anything other than blue or white (but definitely not a white tie) will either clash to be too much colour in the...
You should never wear a dark shirt with a suit. To be safe, wear a light blue shirt. But as the others have said, a brown suit is not good for a grey tie. Since you bought a brown suit I take it you already have a grey or navy suit? A grey suit would be best.
I've had regular suits converted to a link-cuff, but they're a little tight. The flare is necessary to make the sleeve wider at the end so the whole sleeve isn't too wide. I was deciding between that and a gauntlet (turnback) cuff, but I couldn't decide how many buttons I'd want on a gauntlet cuff so I went with the link button. There's a lot more to consider with a cuff than the number of buttons on it!And so you know, the link-button cuff has a button on both sides and...
I'm not familiar with these measuring systems, but all you need is to be able to follow directions to take measurements. Having a tailor measure you may be worse because he may have his own way of measuring. Most tailors will not be familiar with these online operations. You can't measure your own body, you need someone else to do it for you. Ask an intelligent person you know to help you.
1. The suit I'd get is inspired by Michael Caine's three-piece navy suit in Get Carter. Whilst Caine's suit is mohair, I'd rather go with a more basic navy serge. Here is how I'd describe the cut of the suit I want (not an exact copy): Jacket: - Natural shoulders with roped sleeve heads - 1-button front, with the button placed down at the waist - Suppressed waist - Slanted pockets - 12" double vents - lapels 3.25" wide - flared link-button cuffs (see image...
Exactly. If you don't have a pair of black shoes already, you'll need to get those. Black shoes are necessary for a formal in the evening. The light brown shoes pictured are too light for this dark navy suit anyway. Those shoes go better with a light navy/dark blue or lighter. As others have said, burgundy shoes would go nicely, but still not for a formal.
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