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Keep in mind that sarcasm can't always be easy to read. There's no tone of voice in a written message. And maybe you're a Ted Cruz fan who doesn't want to hear any criticism about him. Or maybe you hate him and you don't want him to know he looks like a fool in his suit.
What seams are there to let out? Just the rear centre seam, I imagine. Going ventless doesn't work because then the front is always pulled open and is rumpled because the jacket can't fit around my hips. Double vents that slightly open look better than ventless jackets that are too tight around my hips.So MTM/bespoke is my only option? This is a problem I have with almost every jacket I try on, except for some very high-end brands I can't afford (like Tom Ford). The skirt...
I have a problem with double vents not staying closed. Single vents are even worse. I'm a slim guy with large hips. Is there any alteration that can fix this? Any seams that can be let out? I once had a tailor attach a strip of lining from the two side panels under the vent flap to keep that area closed, but then it pulls open the front and causes rumples in the front.
Thanks! There's not much to dislike about Lazenby's suits.. They fit well, and they are neither too trendy nor too old-fashioned. The can fit in well with today's fashion trends, but they still respect the shape of the human male body.
If you're still interested in reading about Dimi Major, my article on him is up now: http://thesuitsofjamesbond.com/d-major-bespoke-tailors-ohmss-style/
Check my blog in a couple weeks for an interview I did with Dimi Major's son, who still operates the firm. I learned some fascinating things from him.
Lazenby's suits in On Her Majesty's Secret Service were made by Fulham tailor Dimi Major. Lazenby supposedly went to Sinclair to get a suit for his Bond audition.
I also came across EU size 48F and was also wondering what it means. SInce this question was unanswered I thought I'd add my question here rather than start a new thread.
Check out thrift shops and eBay. I like trim, classic cut trousers and can't even find anything like that. Everything is much too tight!
It's the same as with a bespoke vs MTM suit. Your own pattern is made with bespoke, whilst a pattern is altered for MTM. A bespoke collar can be made for you whilst with MTM you have to pick an existing collar. I'm pretty sure with MTM I couldn't have my own collar and cuff designs and adjust things like the placket width.
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