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OP Is a troll.
If she doesn't have a ring on her finger, she's always looking for something better
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Duuude! Nothin' wrong about wanting another pair! It's a victimless addiction. Flat head is an excellent call - their BSP cut is awesome in every way. There's Skull 0507 and 5010, Warehouse Dubbleworks 660, KMW 1980, Momotaro 0701, the new Pure Blue JapanxBiG 013 collab, there's dozens if not hundreds. Your price range and preference for smooth or slubby denim would be helpful. We I prefer smooth...
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong visvim uniqlo loden dager apc cp. I like this look, what cut of apc's are they?
I'm only 2 months in with my current jeans and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm looking for new ones... Me: 6'2 and 180lbs with a 32 waist The jeans I wear now: -N&F weird guys in deep indigo sz. 32 (2 months in) -APC NS sz. 32 (bought already broken in on B&S) -Levi's rigid 520's sz. 31 What I'm looking for: -slim cut top to bottom with a slight taper from the knee down -indigo and fast to fade/high contrast fades -a mid rise -fairly heavyweight...
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz js wings and rlbl jeans.. no top cuz i dont have anything colorful enough to go with the sneakers, just a bunch of black >< any suggestions on where i could get colorful tank tops? apologize for dirty mirror dont know what happened to it I think this would go really nice with that outfit:
I only ever had milk in a bag growing up in T.O just because it's cheaper. The bag stays in the container because a vacuum is created when you put it in.
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