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Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you really dont give a shit dudes. the guy is spewing pure garbage from his mouth and obviously has no clue what he's mouthing off about. If you don't give a shit then you should ignore his posts and not respond. He might not have not have any clue what he's talking about but you clearly have no clue how to deal with a troll.
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you do you know what you are talking about? for starters he said prorsum cardi not prorsum scarf. second, im guessing you think a prorsum scarf looks like: wrong. can you name one store that you have been in that sells prorsum?? do you even know what the raf vandals look like? how does wearing a black shoe with a scarf even remotely look like a hypebeast. i get the feeling you hate everything with tech...
Quote: Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway nice fit, Ibrock, although I can't really make out the sneakers. +1 on the double cuff. I've been doing it a lot lately whenever I wear boots or proper shoes, I feel its a lot more unobtrusive than a 2" or more cuff, and looks better on my relatively short legs. Thanks, the shoes are just my daily beater sneakers this winter, burgundy pro-models. I'm actually pretty tall but I've never liked the look...
been trying out the tiny double cuff recently, kinda hard to see but I think I like it.
Holy shit, it took longer to catch up on the last 24 hours of this thread than when I was away for a week... Can I get a refund on that hour of my life?
I can't believe how easily you guys get provoked, this is the internet for FFS.
Quote: Originally Posted by pbandblunts excuse the iphone pic... JV's look great man. I think the pants would look alot better if they were hemmed so they didn't stack so much.
I usually don't bother posting particularly boring fits but I thought I put this up to get an opinion on the AA l/s tee fit, I bought 3 of these (white, heather gray and navy) a few weeks ago and I've been wearing them pretty regularly when I feel lazy. Figured I'd show some face for my 100th post...
My contributions... Both shoes have about a year of everyday wear in them.
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Word. I'm happy enough when a girl tells me she despises UGGs. This never fails to to turn me on (0)
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