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I really liked these for a while, then I bought a pair of very similar sebago boots. I soon realized they don't look good with anything, ever. I just realized I should probably change my avatar to reflect this... They're for sale, look at my sig... boat boot lovers please buy them!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dan. UK 8 in Redwings, they are still a bit big too, so suppose I've got quite small feet for being 6ft3 yea. Woah, I thought I had small feet for being 6'3 and I'm a 10.5/11.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso I'm almost as excited about the death of gothninja as I am about the death of the workwear aesthetic. What will we wear then? If SW+D has tought me anything it's that those are the only two options in life (0)
Chambray is Sold
drops... really want to get rid of these.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joshmotron Trying to 21st-century-ize my oversized clothing which, sadly enough is mostly from high school, with newer, better fitting stuffs. Ignoring quality at the moment until I can figure out how to actually wear clothing that fits. My Sambas are literally the only pair of decent shoes I own right now. Hoping to spring for some AE captoes next month since I want something for both my jeans and biz-caz-fri work clothes. The...
Added Boots
In previous fits I got some responses saying the colour of my DB's was too light for my dark jeans. I agreed and finally got around to getting some leather conditioner today, it really darkened them up nicely and helped with the salt damage.
These are for sale now! I picked these up from GetOutside in December for $199 CAD (list price is 140 USD) and have worn them maybe 10 times or so, the finish on them is meant to distress easily and they show a little wear around the toe (It can easily be counteracted with a little black polish) Outsole measurements: 12.2" x 4.3" at the widest point. $100 shipped. I can provide pics if anyone wants them.
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