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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing That Sigma has a DSLR equivalent sensor with a high quality prime lens. It is capable of extremely fine pictures, but it's rather a strange camera due to certain quirks. The advantage of micro 4/3 seems to be the interchangeable lenses. Such a great camera, I was waiting for so long after they announced it but ended up getting lx-3 instead. My recent purchases: Beater shoes for the summer. and some...
Its not just the shortness, it's pulling too. You look like you squeezed into a jacket thats just too small.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix Saturday. Finish off my beer, go do some grocery shopping. generic polo christopher chronis linen pants puma clyde With the exception of those shoes (they're pretty hideous) most of the clothes you wear aren't all that bad, kinda generic but not terrible.... but you're proportions are really off, it just destroys all your fits. Quote: Originally Posted by Earnest Hemingway bout 2 go...
Quote: Originally Posted by sanamaro Does every pair of jeans go through a stretching phase more affectionately known as diaper butt? My best fit was R&R henlee, but I wanted to try other brands and purchased RRL, APC, and jean shop. I sized down accordingly but if the stretching does not subside I wasted my money. Does the stretch permanently go away after several washes? If not can someone recommend a similar fit to the R&R? Were they like...
^That's just the stock pic from selfedge, I think it might be an Iron Heart Flannel...
the jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Go true to size on these. The leg opening would open up about .5" if you cut it 3". Thanks for the info, just ordered them along with a hem to 36 so hopefully they shrink to about 34.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester hah everyone is fired up about their peasant cops and then PG napalms the whole joint. someone should photoshop PG with the aeglus explosion/flames background from a few pages back, then add the dog and gun and see what we end up with . . . I tried, doesn't look quit as cool as aeglus... I'm sure someone could do a better job.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_pole keep it that way ...ur over 6 feet and slim jeans make you look even taller ...not in a good way Really? I'd always thought slimmer cuts looked better on me because I'm a little taller than most. these are pair I usually wear and I've always got compliments in this thread on the fit... well at least you've convinced me to give 'em a go as is.
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