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Quote: Originally Posted by Vashin try the onion rings guys!!! they're hand battered! not frozen. true story Is it just me or is adding on "true story" after a sentence a t.o thing?
Quote: Originally Posted by Seafinch Uniqlo RJB 66BSPBK (first time out) Vans I just copped these jeans, I was afraid they might be a little too tight/tapered but yours look good. Did you hem them? are they TTS?
I also like to follow the crew neck on its own, v-neck as an undershirt philosophy but I have alot of trouble finding v-neck undershirts that don't peak out under button ups (I leave 2 buttons undone), I can't be the only one with this problem.... I currently just have cheap dept. store 5-pack v-neck undershirts which aren't quite cutting it, does anybody know of a reasonably priced v-neck that's cut a little deeper?
I wish I had the confidence/swagger/$ to dress like this ^^ everyday, looks really good.
Speaking of sufu... I've been a lurker there for a while and made my first post today, I always read stuff here about how hardcore they are about moderating but never realized to what extent. My post was deleted and I got an infraction for threadshitting...
shit, sorry... just saw this now. measurements posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by M4TM bday gift : danner. sufu groupthink at its worst.
I had a pair of H&M skinny jeans that were way too tapered below the knee so I cut them off and wear them cuffed so they fall right at my knees. I think it's an ok look for summer but I'm sure most of this forum will disagree.
Quote: Originally Posted by JackM First WAYWT. As you can see, my gf had a little too much fun taking my head off in photoshop... Not too ambitious, I'm just trying to rock some white jeans without looking like a fool. Comments on the fit? Any thoughts on what shoes could go with this? [IMG] Again, any thoughts on shoes? Right now all I have is a crappy pair of sneakers from Target... [IMG] That shoop is awesome. I think some simple...
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