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I haven't posted in a while and just finished reading about two weeks worth of waywt... Lot's of good inspiration for summer stuff, I really wish it was warmer here. I especially liked ToruOkada, Mellowfellow, PG, Nicelynice, Tooshay and I<3Bacon... Heres yesterday and today I put on some vans and let the sleeves down after I took the pic. I love the fit on the RJB's, I ended up having to put them in the dryer to get them to shrink enough and they're really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger PULL YOUR FUCKING PANTS DOWN FOR LIKE THE 5000000TH TIME He'll never learn... If there was any backlash at all to the pull down your pants comments saying that the fit is fine then I wouldn't question his descision to not heed the advice. The comments have been 100% negative though, and I'm pretty sure the IRL reaction to his fits is probably the same. The fit looks slightly better in this pic but still...
If I wasn't strapped for cash right now I'd be in for a large (3-5) order of shirts, those new fabrics look sooo good.
slim fit, slight taper and cinch back... never seen a pair like that.
I'm ready to pull the trigger on the pants but I'm wondering about inseam and shrinkage because I'm not sure if I should go for a 32 or a 34
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow Thanks guys for the kind words. Nice weekend, nice weather. img img This is really good, looks very natural. any details on the trousers/shoes?
^ first sq4you fit I've seen that I really like.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix I physically can't sag the jeans. They will not drop any lower due to my ghetto booty. Maybe if i size up. I dunno, i'm really not into anti-fit or sagging. The moose knuckle is largely due to the fact that it's canvas, which crinkles like linen except with more shadow. doesn't look like that when i'm wearing them and actually moving about and shit. If it's a problem with your body interfering with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix Before: After: And waddaya know, styleforum was right! At least until my Unlucky belt comes, and with the KMW 1980s and this particular length of shirt, I will continue to untuck. Cheers guys. step 1: untuck shirt (accomplished) step 2: sag jeans and lose "moose knuckle" step 3: ??? step 4: PROFIT!
From yesterday and the day before, loving the j.crew madras. also included is the ladder I found in my bathroom yesterday morning.
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