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prices dropped again.
MJK pants sold, prices dropped.
1. Sebago Deck boots I picked these up from GetOutside a year ago for $199 CAD (list price is 140 USD) and have worn them maybe 10 times or so, the finish on them is meant to distress easily and they show a little wear around the toe (It can easily be counteracted with a little black polish) Outsole measurements: 12.2" x 4.3" at the widest point. Asking $80 shipped for North America. I can provide pics if anyone wants them. 2. Acne Max filter jeans Worn...
For me it's mostly down to wearing a condom or not, I bust a nut in like 10-15min bare and have never managed to finish with a condom on.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Really? Does it differ from region to region? 'Cause I've always heard it pronounced "toke" (rhyming with coke) Quote: Originally Posted by Listi Never heard it that way, from the Toronto area originally... Quote: Originally Posted by Vashin I've always pronounced it as two-ook. anyone gonna be chillin' DT Toronto for you know what today? I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by sexandcandy Any details on this? Apart from the toque I really like it.
3 years (pre weight loss) skate brand sweater, no-name baggy carrot fit jeans, sketchers 2.5 years (mid weight loss) gap, pacsun, adidas 2 years (post weight loss) boxy no-name tee, thin finns, cons (not on) After I lost weight I did my first overhaul and with the help of mynudies I got some thin finns and started wearing plain tees, hoodies, jeans and chucks everyday. I plateaued style-wise for a year because I wore a uniform to school and lived in...
A jacket? I don't know about kingston but it's stupid hot out here in hamilton.
Thinking about picking these up: I think they'd be a great alternative to jeans for the summer, thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by snake viridi anne cardi aa tee dior 19cms cp detail shot on the cardi: I'm not usually a fan of your fits but I really like this, it's interesting without being awkward.
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