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Who makes the TF shoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni I was in Napoli in March... crazy town! Make sure you don't drive Indeed driving in Napoli is crazy but after a while you enjoy it
Quote: Originally Posted by lymeswold If you're considering a trip to JLP be aware that they've increased their prices considerably: "to prevent devaluing the brand" on the instructions of the new CEO (I assume JLP not Hermes). Prices now start at around £425 (from £240 for loafers), around £525-£575 for Classic and ~700-800 for Prestige. Not the bargains they were. Pity as they are often lovely shoes. Is that true? Could...
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod When I went to Budapest I was warned to be careful bc there are lots of scams that go on. Unfortunately true.
Absolutely amazing!!!!
The GG are absolutely amazing!!
Amazing deal!
Quote: Originally Posted by politico Greece is my favorite country. I've seen fat old Greek men eat shirtless at nice restaurants in Athens. That it makes it the most laid back country on earth. Therefore it's the best country on earth. Greece rules.
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