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Paul Smith sz 36R (46R Eur) overcoat for sale. This overcoat is cut very slim and it has a two-button closure. It retails for $1400 and it is brand new with tags. It is made in Italy and it is 100% wool. The color of the overcoat is captured accurately in the pictures. The asking price is $199 shipped almost anywhere in the world (unless it is a very isolated place and the postage is very high ). Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Post a pic of the label, the older Made in Italy stuff is by Caruso or MA&Co., whoever owns who. You'll notice the same label in Lanvin, RL Black Label. The new made in italy stuff has a cheap looking label and the garment is cheap also. if it's this label, the consesus is that it's Caruso. http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...66&postcount=1 Is the Caruso stuff fully canvassed?
Ed, What is the exact colour of the Kiton pants? Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Welcome back to civilization and don't miss the after Christmas sale at Saks flagship.
Anna Matuozzo shirts (the main line not AM) are great. The fabrics are superb and the fit and construction phenomenal. In my opinion they are better than Kiton and very similar to the Royal Collection Borrellis although the construction and fit is slightly better. Having said the above, I think that $1000 dollars is quite steep for any shirt no matter how nice it is.
Borrelli has a model similar to what you are looking for. The name of the model is Livio. You can see how it looks like at the Borrelli webpage.
The sweater is authentic but it is part of a quite old collection.
This scarf is authentic but it is from the women's collection.
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