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Nice stuff!
I lived in The Netherlands for slightly more than 4 years and I had a serious trouble finding a competent tailor. The majority of them will simply do a poor job. Apart from the poor quality of tailors I greatly enjoyed living there. Utrecht is full of lovely and single Dutch girls (because of the University; mostly Humanities). Therefore in case you are single, expect to have some seriously fun time.
These are absolutely amazing shoes!
Quote: Originally Posted by Unregistered I'm unfamiliar with Lobb lasts... I'm a 8D in Allen Edmonds Park Avenues, any chance the 7E Lobbs in the 7000 last will fit? They will definitely fit you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia So now that this is all cleared up, where is Carlo Franco?
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Megalos Malakas
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Reno is great stuff. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by x26
Indeed, Zegna seven-folds are lovely.
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