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Interesting. I would have thought that I am the only Styleforum member living in Doha. Apparently I am mistaken. It would be fun to have a Doha SF meeting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Texasmade Are those really going to be bespoke?
Does anyone know what is the upcharge for the "By Request" service?
Quote: Originally Posted by Texasmade What's the upcharge for croc or gator? The price for Chapel IV at the Lobb store in Dubai was around $11,000!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by hst When are John Lobb's seasonal sales? +1 When?
Amazing deal!!!! Lovely shoes.
Lovely stuff!
Lovely stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by AustinPowers Where are you located ? +1
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Conventional wisdom dictates that double-breasted jackets be slightly shorter than a single-breasted jacket on the same pattern, but that's not a hard-and-fast rule and one inch sounds like a lot. My double-breasted jackets are only cut a centimeter shorter. +1 DB has to be shorter for the same pattern.
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