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Quote: Originally Posted by techstyles Heel erg bedankt voor de informatie, allemaal... You are learning fast
Amazing deal!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Small ? Shoes? Jackets? Pants? If you mean shoes they often have fairly small stuff. But I can't remember if they're UK 6 or US. If you mean pants 44 is the lowest they go. If you mean jackets / suits 46 has it's own rack. Ich_Dien phone them. The SMS I got only mentioned my local one Thank you for your reply; greatly appreciated.
Do they carry small sizes?
Kiton, Fray and Attolini are the nicest options at the moment. The old Royal Collection Borrellis were the best imo.
Lovely ties!
Is there a Borrelli outlet in Milan?
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar He can hear the car behind him ready to take him out...
Quote: Originally Posted by keys How's the sizing on these? TTS? They fit like 8D US.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert Do todays airline seats favor the weak?
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