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Hello everyone, I am currently in The Hague (The Netherlands) and I have a pair of Lobbs that needs resoling urgently. Could someone recommend a cobbler in The Hague please? Thank you, Chiton
Thank you for your helpful reply; greatly appreciated!
A question for all the fragrance gurus: At the place where I currently live I cannot find any Floris products. I really like Floris Limes so I was wondering whether there are any fragrances for Men that are very similar to it. I would like to have something fresh, discrete and simple, with lemon or citrus as the main basenote. Could you please help? Thank you for your help and time.
Lovely shoes!
Amazing deal!!!!
Thank you for posting the requested pictures!Unfortunately the current soles look less exciting than the soles of the old models ... Do they have any models with the nailed, fiddle-back sole?
Could you please post a photo of the soles of your shoes? I would like to see the waist. Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT All the 'Burberry London' gear one sees here has never been anywhere near London.
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