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Watched Star Wars yesterday with my girlfriend who had never seen it before. The Despecialized Edition of course. It's quite unbelievable really that that original version isn't still available, my girlfriend couldn't really believe it either when I told her. It's amazing how well it holds up in its original form./C
Great! That opening scene is amazing, the crawl, the music, the star destroyer, everything /C
Another way is to download the AVCHD version of them and burn them to a double layer DVD 9 disc to play in a Blu-Ray player. Most of the normal, modern DVD burners can burn to DVD9, so no Blu-Ray burner is needed. The despecialized versions are great, and IMO the only way to watch the original trilogy until Disney releases them, if they do that is. /C
Vintage "pre-moon", 1970 Speedmaster Pro: /C
They are absolutely fine considering the price. Especially their cashmere/merino ones, and their heavier, British wool sweaters. There are measurements on the site for each model, so it is easy to find the right fit. /C
I've had the same on both a pair of Loake Chester brogues and a pair of C&J Chukkas. It's like thin stripe of plastics that come loose. I think it is something used in the making which have remained and not something having anything do with the construction. I've not seen any problem with either of them and I've had them for years./C
First pair of double monks:
Hi! I sent a PM regarding some bracelets. /C
Can you post measurements? Thanks!
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