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straight is the new gay.
Both pics of the wranglers look pretty cool. For $20, I don't see how you could go wrong. Especially if you just want a pair of beater jeans. These might develop as big of a following as 514 rigid scraped! Adamm
I like these Evisu's. For me, fit is everything. I don't care if it's washed, or raw or whatever. Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu
I did a search and it seems that many people who attended were: a) very disappointed by the lackluster selection. b) very surprised by the high prices. There were numerous comments that the prices were far above wholesale. I'm thinking you'd be better off looking for sales at retail stores or going to outlet stores for the brands listed. Adamm
Man, it's like a part time job just keeping up with all these denim manufacturers. It's frightening how many washes and cuts Diesel alone has! I guess the flip side is it's much easier to customize the fit, wash, etc. to theoretically get exactly what you want. Adamm PS: What drew you to the Larkees in particular? I don't see anything that distinguishes them from any other pair of dark jeans.
You do NOT need anyone's permission to wear or not to wear flip flops. If you feel like it, wear 'em! Adamm
Props, Bergdorf.
What's the point in getting all that denim if you don't have enough money left over for some nice shoes, boots and shirts, as well as jackets and belts to go along with the jeans?
Sounds cool. Two questions: 1. how much of a discount are we talking about if these are supposed to be priced below wholesale? 40%? 50%? 2. Are these last year's leftovers? Or, are they current '07 upcoming stock?
For the OP: one thing to consider. Do you think it's possible that women don't actually do what they say they do?????? Forget the fucking survey and see what the real world has to offer you. If you want something, go for it and stop whining over the internet. Peace, Adamm
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