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The Gate is still operational, as far as I know - I live right down the street from it, on 3rd and 6th as it so happens.
Are there going to be any linen, cotton or other light-weight / lightly structured jackets this spring or summer?
same, but first want to make sure I'm not ordering 2 of the wrong size.
I'd be interested as well.
Did anyone ever post pictures or details of the epaulet tuxedo? I did a quick search of this thread and didn't see much.
I've never tried the Barrie last on, but I'm a 9-9.5D US. I have tried on the 9 Trubalance last and found them to be slightly too long and pretty wide. Any idea what Rain size I need?
I'm interested in the austerity brogue (perfect description by the way). who do I notify?
I'd be interested in any of these and possibly the bal boot as well. The jods are a little out of my wheel house.
Agreed. Any chance of a jacket in the muted glen plaid?
Let me cast a vote for the whole-cut suggestion made above.
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