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how much work is it for a tailor to turn a fully lined jacket into a half/quarter lined one?
Does anyone know if the summer linen / cotton suits that would normally be lined in the F/W line (like the Lazio for instance) are lined in the summer? Seems to defeat the point of buying a linen suit if it's fully lined. If not, has anyone ever had success turning a fully lined jacket into a 1/2 lined one?
Has anyone gotten a tux made by Kent? I searched the thread but didn't see any pictures or mention of one.
Any good recommendations on where to get a nice black bow tie and cumberbund?
In for the pebble grain boots, but if there aren't enough takers and the calf/suede boots are a go, I will gladly switch.
Those balmorals above with vibram sole are pretty great. as a custom order, maybe you do a mixed-media boot with only the upper-uppers (the part where the laces are) in the textured grain leather.
Pretty sad I missed out on those boots. They look fantastic. And I like the look of the texture of the fabric on that blazer.
The Gate is still operational, as far as I know - I live right down the street from it, on 3rd and 6th as it so happens.
Are there going to be any linen, cotton or other light-weight / lightly structured jackets this spring or summer?
same, but first want to make sure I'm not ordering 2 of the wrong size.
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