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pretty excited to see what else comes out in the porto collection. seems like a great value at those prices. if only I didn't already have a few plain navy suits.
I received my watch today (classic, 41mm, gunmetal, with a tan and navy strap). it's very nice but I think I would like to size down to 38mm. If anyone would like to do a trade (not too picky about case/strap colour or style), send me a PM.
Mike and team, sorry if this has already been asked, but will you be getting a restock of the vitorrio jackets this fall?
This is a sports coat from a recent "Epaulet Factory Finds" (which are limited runs of fabric ends). This fabric was called "Tobacco Color Pop Check". It is a heaver weight lambswool in a brown/olive with a red and blue over check. The jacket model is the "Weller" which is a 3-roll-2 fully lined jacket from Southwick with flap pockets. This was not worn out of the house. I am selling because it is too small for me, which is a shame because it is a nice looking...
Epaulet LA Wilshire Jeans in white and grey selvedge, size 32 and 31 respectively. White worn 5-6 times, Grey worn once or twice. Inseams hemmed to 34". Never washed. $45 per pair. Full sizing details (and more pictures of the grey denim) can be found on epaulet's website at: Free shipping CONUS and Canada. $55 $45
6 eye black oxford captoes from Salvatore Ferragamo. Classic basic dress shoe. Size 9US. Original leather sole with top taps installed. Used, in decent condition. Ships free to CONUS or Canada. PM for shipping to other locations. Shoe trees not included. $130 $100 $75
Black ferragamo 6-eyelet oxford cap toes. 9US. Original leather sole with plastic toe taps installed. Shipping included to CONUS or Canada.
will there by any more fabric runs of the shorts in the future or any other model shorts? was thinking of something based on the rivet fit....
Have all of the FF jackets from the last round gone out? Just wondering if my email is eating my epaulet emails as I didn't see an email for the cordovan sneakers. Also wanted to echo the thoughts of others that epaulet's handling of a difficult situation on the sneakers has been admirable.
Four pairs of Epaulet trousers for sale. Epaulet is pretty well known around here, but check their website for measurements and details on construction. 1 - Gunmetal cotton canvas rivet chino - Sz 31. These have been hemmed to 31.5". There is a small bleach discoloration of the back of one of the legs (see picture). $40 shipped CONUS 2 - Blue/Grey cotton cashmere rivet chino - Sz 31. These have not been hemmed and only worn around the house. They...
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