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Posts by alexspecs Work out your size and get nice second hand shoes and polish them like a soldier. Probably going to end up cheaper than new crappy ones too.
Use a thin wallet! Money clips are pretentious and ostentatious. Not to mention just plain stupid. It's like saying "Look I have $250 in cash on me. Please. Somebody roll me as soon as I walk on to the street". And if it's not that, it's "Hey come look how broke I am!". If you use a wallet you can at least pay for things without drawing attention to the number of notes you carry.
I increased my height by accident. Ordered a pair of shoes that ended up being too big but I couldn't return them, so I took out the thin leather insoles the shoes came with and replaced them with sport insoles. They actually did the job and the shoes fit fine now. They ended up making me about an inch taller. The soles still look like normal dress shoe soles. Otherwise you could try these that always seem to pop up on the first page on ebay whenever you go into the...
Patent leather does make them appropriate for black tie events but unfortunately the cap-toe might not, if you adhere to black tie 'rules' rather strictly.
These might be up your alley.
I've had shirts made from both Modern Tailor and Mytailor. Modern Tailor made the shirt and got it to me in about 2 weeks. No problems with it. Mytailor made a tuxedo shirt for me and Joe really went out of his way to get the shirt made to my specifications but they got it wrong the first time and the whole process took 9 months in which my black tie affair I had planned to wear it to had loooong passed.
I've followed his blog for a bit. He does through out some good practical advice every now and again. Magnetic collar stays, best places to shop for decent prices etc etc He might be the most 'fashion forward hipster'. But he's definitely not the most stylish man in America. Those are the f**kin ugliest design graphics I have seen in a long time. And what the frack is the deal with all super ostentatious pictures? Am I the only one who's wondering why he's hired...
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