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Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets There's a guy on ebay that sells obenaufs for cheap. I think I purchased from the same dude. Seems to be the only obenauf's stuff listed. Got mine and nothing wrong with it. Solid.
Quote: Originally Posted by Newstyle Well I need to get new ones. Mine are too big and but I like the boot but HATE the crepe sole. How much does it cost to get them resoled? Do you know? I had these clarks resoled with a rough rubber sole (made by topy I think) by my local cobbler. It cost about as much as the boots did but I was pretty attached to them and didn't want to either throw them out or replace them with a different pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy those look good, mine were much darker did u rub them down w/ some obenaufs Nah lexol. It's been raining alot recently though so have ordered some obenaufs. Keen on seeing to what degree it works.
Really enjoying my ascots but did anyone else get ridiculously long shoe laces that you have to tie them around your ankles else trip over them when you walk? Not a big problem but a bit annoying if kneeling down.
If it helps any to compare sizes, this is what is says on the tongue of my wolverine ascots. I've found that the european sizes are most accurate. I'm always between a 40 and 41. This can differ from a 6uk to an 8us though.
Quote: Originally Posted by bobm Wow, those Ascots are nice! I think that I like them better than the 1000 miles boots that I bought a couple of months back. With the rubber soles, these look to be more comfortable and better on light hikes, etc.. The gent from Crane's, any thoughts on that? The first thing that I noticed first when I opened my box with the boots, (after that black flannel cloth) was the stong leather smell and the beautiful, deep...
Wolverine does have a branch in Australia. I emailed them about some ascot boots a while back and I got a reply from the Wolverine branch in Australia. Victoria actually. They do have 1000 miles boots you'll be glad to know. email address is National Sales Manager WOLVERINE A3, 18-24 Ricketts Road Mt Waverley VIC. 3149
Johnston Murphy Parmer boots
Bought some Wolverine Ascot's. Arrived in the mail today. Pictures for all! The leather was so dry when I first touched them. This was taken a few minutes after whole lot of lexol conditioner was applied Nice and dry that's the closest I get
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