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Guys: I am looking for a pair of slim-fitting denim that will not cut into my junk. It seems like every time I find a pair of jeans that fits right in the legs and waist, the crotch seam rides up so high that they become uncomfortable to wear (regardless of underwear choice). These aren't even particularly low-rise cuts -- it happens with my APC NS and my KMW 1950s, to some extent on my Epaulet Smith jeans. Maybe I'm less tolerant of this kind of thing or maybe I just have...
Wow, thank you for that.
Nope, misread, my mistake.
Is that a leather sole (bottom layer) on those Balenciagas?
For those wondering about the tongue:
I think I read in XXL that Nas makes all his own clothes
Just got: CP vintage highs in oxblood Ervell cardigan in olive No plans for future
If anybody's looking for some CPs this season, here are my bookmarks for the places carrying them: Barneys Revolve ODIN Mr Porter Tres Bien Forward End The corner Need Supply Gargyle Wrong Weather RSVP
CP oxblood slip-ons at Barney's. Anybody have experience with these? Sizing vs Achilles?
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