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Thank you!
I've been on the fence between the idea of three separate pieces and the two-piece navy with odd vest that you describe.Something like this (for lack of a more SF-appr. picture):And of course, this photo from the first page of the thread is great:I'm agonizing.
I'm getting married in October, and I'm trying to figure out what I want to wear. I like the idea of a stroller suit, but I don't care for the starkness of the traditional color combinations. Would something like this be advisable? It's going to be an indoor wedding during the afternoon, and won't be very formal.
I've been wearing them for a few days and they're working out great. It seems like they're cut to be a little (for lack of a better/actual word) blousier in the seat and crotch compared to most slim fit jeans, which wouldn't necessarily be reflected in the measurements. It's comfortable. The thighs on down are pretty trim, which is exactly what I was looking for. They're also well-made for the (low) price. I recommend them.
I can't really say much about how they're supposed fit because they were just nowhere close to fitting me. My NS are 28, they're too tight in the seat/crotch but I can wear them. I got 29 in the ST-100x, and while it looked like the waist was big enough to fit my waist, I couldn't actually raise it to my waistline. I might have had some luck sizing up one, but like I said, just went with the Taylor Stitch instead.
Update: I got a pair of Taylor Stitch slim fits, looks like they might fit the bill. Also bought and returned some 3sixteen ST-100x, could barely pull them over my ass.
Guys: I am looking for a pair of slim-fitting denim that will not cut into my junk. It seems like every time I find a pair of jeans that fits right in the legs and waist, the crotch seam rides up so high that they become uncomfortable to wear (regardless of underwear choice). These aren't even particularly low-rise cuts -- it happens with my APC NS and my KMW 1950s, to some extent on my Epaulet Smith jeans. Maybe I'm less tolerant of this kind of thing or maybe I just have...
Wow, thank you for that.
Nope, misread, my mistake.
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