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Can I buy 1.8 meter instead of 4m? Thank you
I would agree with add911. "there are plenty of local tailors that is far better than Lee Baron, and charge the same."Some local tailors can make full canvassed suit at reasonable price. You just have to find it out.
Not sure whether you guys can read Chinese. If you do, you can take a look at this forum. It talks about tailoring, shirt, suiting, tie, pocket square. Similar as this forum but in Chinese.
Jantzen opens Sunday but closed at 5pm. If your Dad is in Kowloon side (Tsim Sha Shui), it only takes 15 mins to Jantzen Tailor by MTR.
Kev, I know the Zegna fabric supplier in Hong Kong. I called them few month ago. They told me the Zegna fabric is around HK$700 to HK$1000. Also, WW Chan is ordered zegna fabric from them. Here is their phone number (852) 2739 2335 (Mr. Kong) Their office is located near WW Chan's shop.
How about Tumi? Is that good?
Hi all, I need to buy a briefcase but I really have no idea. I am working at investment bank and everyday I have to follow my boss and meet the clients. Most of them are CEO, CFO, Director or other decision makers. I need to dress well to impress them. Now I need to have a good and nice looking briefcase but I dun have any idea about that. I have been thinking about LV but I think it is overpriced. Do you guys have any suggestion?
gregory, you will get the stuff within 2 weeks.
gregory> I am also entry level worker (I work at financial institution) and I also wear Jantzen shirts everyday. Usually, I use silk knot cuff link. However, I would perfer non-french cuff shirts because I am only a junior worker in my office.
Thank you bryce. I would pick 7 for Prada shoes.
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