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I'm looking for a jacket of this style: http://shop.lacoste.com/Front-Lined-...te_launch_date or http://shop.lacoste.com/LACOSTE-Bomb...te_launch_date I have no idea what jackets like that are called, but basically something I can wear over a polo with jeans when it gets a bit chilly. Doesn't have to be the same material... I was just wondering what other brands make good jackets like that in the similar price range?
will buy just about any "normal" color
What v-neck sweaters have smaller v shapes? I hope wear a vneck sweater with a collared shirt/no tie, but I think it looks sharper with a smaller v. any price
I haven't used ebay for years because I always felt like it was full of fake products--ever since I bought 4 lacoste polos from 4 different sellers that all turned out to be fake. I've also bought gucci/fendi stuff for my girlfriend that were also fake Now that I'm starting to get into nicer and less known (to the general public at least), I was wondering if ebay is worth checking out again? Are brands like borrelli, luciano barbera, etc. generally safe to buy on ebay?
As someone who used to pay close to retail for designer brands, I thought bluefly and yoox were good...until I started comparing the prices to stuff on ebay and the B&S forum. It feels like I'm paying at least double what I should be for like corneliani shirts or theory pants Do people on SF buy a lot of stuff from these two sites? Or are there other places online where I can get better deals?
This is a noob question, but when you say you won those shoes, does it mean you got it off ebay? I can't seem to find AE shoes anywhere else at more than a 20% discount
When's the next substantial RL sale most likely going to be? The 25% Pink Pony one seems pretty weak...do they have something around the holiday season?
What's the most "standard" material for trousers? For instance, I wanted to get just one pair of RLBL trousers (http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=1760811&cp=1760781&f=Brand/1000004/&fbc=1&fbn=Brand|Black+Label) to wear with dress shirts/black shoes--but I see flannel, gabardine, twill, cotton, etc. A google search revealed what the differences are, but it doesn't really answer my question of what the most "basic" kind of trousers is. If it helps, I...
Quick question: I'm looking to buy a pair of black RLBL dress pants. I tried one on at the store and it fit perfectly, but I'm not good with fabrics. What is the most "standard" dress pants that I should be getting? Flannel? Gabardine? Twill? http://www.ralphlauren.com/family/index.jsp?s=A-StorePrice-POLO&fbn=Brand|Black+Label&fbc=1&categoryId=2011825&cp=1760781.1760811&f=Brand/1000004/&pg=1
Hey, just wondering if anyone can recommend some websites/places to buy ralph lauren black label at a discount (other than ebay and this forum)?
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