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How easy is it for a tailor to alter pants from a 30 waist to a 28? I like the milanos but the smallest size they come in is a 30... Or should I just order from BR/jcrew/gap instead?
I wasn't able to find a thread on this, but can someone post a list of higher end clothing lines that make only slim fit apparel (like RLBL, Hugo Boss red, etc.?) I'm not looking for any specific type of item like RL custom fit button downs, so please don't link me to the slim fit shirts thread (which I've actually been bored enough to read)
Does brooks brothers have any major sales coming up in november?
Quote: I have a nice 6 or 7 hundred dollar purple label cashmere i used to wear with no undershirt, and yea i got deodorant stains all over it, not to mention some moths ate it up. I wish i could find a place to reknit sweaters in detroit, but i dont think there are any. I didn't mean wearing with no undershirt, I was just wondering if slim fitting sweaters like those are designed to be worn with a crewneck t-shirt rather than a button down dress/sport...
Anyone have experience buying fred perry polos on ebay? Is shoplines legit?
Can you post the measurement of the RLBL?
I've noticed that some sweaters are cut very slim and made with thinner material (like this: or Are thin, fitted sweaters like these not supposed to be worn over dress shirts?
Quote: Try John Smedley, they usually have them. The Smedley sweaters do indeed look nice...what's the best place to buy them on sale? Are there other brands like smedley that make slimmer fitting sweaters? (preferably something a bit higher end than jcrew)
I'm looking for a jacket of this style: or I have no idea what jackets like that are called, but basically something I can wear over a polo with jeans when it gets a bit chilly. Doesn't have to be the same material... I was just wondering what other brands make good jackets like that in the similar price range?
will buy just about any "normal" color
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