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Do you often buy dress pants at a discount that are a size too big/small and then get them tailored? Is it worth paying a premium for perfectly fitting trousers? For instance, I've found that the RLBL and Hugo Boss red label in size 28 fit me perfectly (no need for any alterations except hemming). But the problem is it's almost impossible to find any of these pants on ebay or anywhere else, meaning I'll have to order from their websites. Should I buy size 30s and get...
Wow I just enrolled...that was the easiest thing ever. How did I not know about this before -__-
Can someone just list a few basic color combinations for the more common shirt/sweater colors? for instance, what color sweaters for light blue, pink, and darker colored (navy) shirts, etc. In general, shoulder lighter colored shirts be matched with a darker colored sweater and vice versa?
Quote: Enrollment information is on the right side. That's not the corporate membership though is it?
Quote: Go to a RL store and mention the FF sale (think it's still going on), it's 25% off IIRC. PM Skinnygoomba on here for details, he works at RL. How good of a deal is the 25% off pink pony thing? I'm not very familiar with RL sales... Any other brand recommendations? How are hickey/zegna pants?
From your experience, do any brands like cucinelli, avon celli, malo, etc. make more slim-fitting sweaters? What about zegna, rlpl, etc.? How do polo ralph lauren sweaters tend to fit?
any others besides john smedley? those sweaters are hard to find except at their online store... What about brands like RLBL or higher end brands like cucinelli, avon celli?
How does buying on the B&S thread work? Do you just pm the seller that you want to buy? Do most people use paypal?
How are fred perry jackets?
Has banana republic discontinued the vintage straight chinos?
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