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What color tie goes with a very dark charcoal sweater and a light blue or white striped shirt?
Quote: I like loafers - I'll even wear 'em with a suit - just not the ones you posted. Quote: However, I do not like the loafers that you posted. Quote: Not a fan of the horse bit loafer. Do you have any recommendations for loafers that would go better with dress pants? I'm new to this Also, I'm in my early 20s so I thought tassel loafers might be a bit strange
^That thread is much too long to be of any use. Here's a quick list of some slim fitting shirts that I've tried: average price: brooks brothers charles tyrwhitt banana republic zara more expensive: ralph lauren black label (very fitted, probably my favorite) thomas pink hugo boss slim/red label paul smith theory barba napoli finamore I have no idea which ones you can/cannot get in the UK though
Quote: You create 2-3 new question threads a day. I hate to be that guy, but you really need to use the search feature. didn't find any threads on this topic
Quote: Need more info on trousers. Cuffed or uncuffed? Any pattern? uncuffed, no pattern, just a standard garbardine trousers
any updates on the november sale?
any slim fitting shirt with 14.5 neck: rlbl, rl custom fit, hugo boss slim fit, thomas pink, ted baker, barba, finamore, etc.
What are people's opinions about wearing some brown loafers with wool trousers (navy/charcoal)? Would something like this be too casual?
quick question didn't seem like the right spot for this...
wow I need to start looking into RL and BB kids's like everything's on a permanent discount
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