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brooks would be good for you. If you plan on spending more than that, look into thomas pink or RL black label
lord and taylor F&F sale going on now...
Do they usually have any major sales in october/november, or should I just take advantage of the 25% corporate membership going on right now?
Quote: I hate to ask this again but can anyone attest to the fit of Theory pants. Are they true to size...again say I'm wearing a 33 in Banana Republic monogram should I get 33 Theory? Are the BR monogram slimmer than their "tailored" wool trousers?
any decent slim fitting brands
Slim shirts, 14.5 neck!
^I always run searches, but not every question has been answered or there might have been very few responses to a particular question Even if I did repeat a question that has been answered in another thread, I don't see what the big deal is. Most of the questions I ask do not have a right or wrong answer, which means it never hurts to get more responses. If you don't feel like answering, then just ignore the question. Why waste your time posting something like that?
Is there some pre-sale with 40+15% off? How does that usually work, and what's the difference in terms of selection between that and the regular "private" sale?
What do you guys prefer--a card case with money clip attached (picture 1), or a card case and a separate money clip (picture 2)? (Sample products) or +
Quote: penny loafers... i really like santoni. edit: i just realized the first one is a santoni... get a bit more of a classic design... Would something like this be better? I've tried on more "classic" penny loafers like the alden full strap and AE waldens, but they feel incredibly stiff and uncomfortable so I looked around for some "softer" leather Quote: Not a fan of the horse bit loafer. How about these? Or are you...
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