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Any slim brand, from H&M to RLBL
Quote: The 25% with a Brooks card is as good as it's going to get before Christmas How good is Christmas? Is the inventory really bad by then? If I'm looking to get a Fitzgerald suit, when would be the best time?
Anyone know what the black friday sale is going to be like this year? Is it usually just 15%? I need to pick up a new suit, but I need it before their after Xmas sale. There seems to be some preferred customer event going on now...would it be worth applying for a brooks card to get in on this? I already have a corporate membership card so the 15% is pretty meaningless
I need to do some serious alterations on a suit...I've used Royal Custom Tailors in the past for small jobs, but I was wondering if there's somebody with more experience? Centofanti is too far for me
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatS...ection_Id=1067 These suits don't exist?
If you're a real baller, you use newsgroups. torrents are too risky and streaming quality is terrible
Quote: So do I need to have a code before I can shop at the stores? Or do I go in and say, discount? Quote: how would i get the card for next time? sign up in store or online? Can someone answer these?
Quote: Black, gray, tan. Are black sweaters very common? What kind of shirt/trousers would you pair it with?
what's the verdict on light grey vs dark grey/charcoal sweaters?
^or you could just get the right fit initially... try hugo boss red label, thomas pink super slim, charles tyrwhit tailored fit, RLBL
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