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banana republic has some slim stuff online On the higher end, there's rlbl, maybe brooks fitzgerald in a 36 H&M is pretty bad quality...
Quote: Lastly, I recommend checking out the Polo Ralph Lauren Bradford cut. How does the fit compare to RLBL? The only one I see on their website is a tuxedo http://www.ralphlauren.com/search/su...rigkw=bradford
Help me pick one: Tumi RLPL? Alden Any other recommendations? I heard some good things about dunhill's card cases in another thread, but I don't think they sell them anymore...
Quote: I'm sure the Ralph Lauren pants are great but at $395 they are, in my opinion, overpriced. I'm sure he means with the current 30+15% sale, in which case it might not be a bad deal
I've never owned a brown shirt before, and I was wondering what color pants would go well with something this?
I know these are both very basic and easy to match, but I was just wondering which one people wear more often? Or which one goes better with dark brown shoes?
Are pinstripe suits too flashy/modern for interviews or for college students in general? My friends tell me I should stick to solid navy/charcoal ones and leave the pinstripes to Wall St investment bankers. I find that I look good in pinstripe, but is it generally considered less traditional and more fashion-forward than a solid navy/charcoal suit?
PM me if you can get one!
Any slim brand, from H&M to RLBL
Quote: The 25% with a Brooks card is as good as it's going to get before Christmas How good is Christmas? Is the inventory really bad by then? If I'm looking to get a Fitzgerald suit, when would be the best time?
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