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I get kids sizes for shirts and stuff (cheaper, same quality), but it's hard to find really high end kids size suits. You should order online for 36's, too hard to find in stores
why do so many people on SF recommend uniqlo when you can't buy any of their clothes unless you live in NYC?
Which is more versatile? (both french cuff) What if I wanted to wear them occasionally without a jacket?
Does anyone know if black label goes on sale during black friday?
which is more classic/versatile (pair with jeans/khakis)
I already searched that thread...two people asked about the jcrew baracuta; no responses
Has anyone tried the jcrew baracuta g4? Is there any difference between that and this:
What color ties would go with these combos: Charcoal vneck with light blue shirt Navy vneck with light blue shirt Burgandy vneck with pink shirt Thankss
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