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Only 28s I can find are RLBL but they cost over $200 and nobody ever sells them on SF. Can I just get size 30s and have them altered? Or is it worth paying the extra money for 28s? Also, which brands/lines have slim 28s/30s?
RL black label james wool...very light and soft
Can someone explain the sizing for Howard Yount? Why does U.S. 28 pants have a 30 inch waist?
Medium grey seems like the most popular, but between charcoal and light grey, which do you prefer? Also, what color shirts go well with light grey trousers?
light grey seems hard to match if you're not wearing a sports coat/blazer...what color shirt would you wear with it?
I apologize for the noob question, but what's the difference between the classic flannel, the VBC flannel, and the VBC super 120? Do they fit the same? Is the VBC lighter material?
What's the most versatile color for flannel? Charcoal? Medium grey? Light grey?
is that the general consensus on the forum? that swaine adeney brigg is the best? I heard their quality has been slipping recently
I'm looking to get a very high quality, sleek, black leather briefcase. I don't really care what brand it is (could be designer or some brand I've never heard of), as long as it is great quality. Any recommendations? No specific price ceiling. thanks!
For sweaters, RL and BB kids L/XL fit well RLBL has 28 pants. Could also try brands like hugo boss, theory, etc.
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