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It's not uncomfortably tight, but it's a bit tight in the shoulders. Overall, it feels pretty good, though I'm not sure I could wear a sweater underneath. I suppose at this point, it may be personal preference. Here are a couple profile pictures:
Hey all, Thoughts on this fit? I feel that the shoulders (especially on the right side) are a touch too narrow. This is a 42L. I would go up to a 43L or 44L, but I feel the chest might then be too large. Thanks for any input! EDIT: Photos added. Oops
I'm interested in both, but particularly the Samuelsohn - depending on measurements and price. Thanks! Zack
Also, what is the fit of Borrelli shirts like? Slim or full?
Thanks to both. I'll have to check out Valentino then. Anyone else have any thoughts?
Good idea on the MTM BB shirt. Maduro, when you do get it in, could you perhaps PM me to let me know how you like it?
Hey all, I'm trying to find a slimmer fitting white tab collar dress shirt. The only one I've found is the Brooks Brothers Slim-fit, but I've read a few things saying that the collar doesn't "hug" the other words, the collar is stiff. Anyway, if anyone has any leads, I'd be very appreciative. Zack PS: I searched but didn't have any luck. EDIT: I found a Black Fleece one, but I don't think the sleeves will be long enough (I'm closer to a 36 than a 35, and...
Hello all, First, Ben (from Benjamin Sartorial and is a great guy and produces a wonderful product. I picked up this suit from him yesterday. I have very broad shoulders and smaller waist, and I always have issues with fitting my shoulders. This is easily the best fit I've ever had from a RTW suit. Nevertheless, there are still some issues and I'm wondering if they can be fixed. First, the jacket collar doesn't hug my shirt collar as tight as it...
Hey, I'm wondering if its possible to come to the actual brick and mortar store - if that even exists. I'm about and hour and half away from Glen Rock and would like to try on a couple suits in person. I'm particularly interested in the Benjamin Lucente (As an aside, am I right that the Lucente is fully canvassed?). If there is a brick and mortar store and you guys accept walk-in customers, when will you be open next? Thanks so much, Zack PS: I tried to PM but...
Hey all, Was just in H&M the other day and found a decent suit that I would enjoy wearing, except that I need a 42L rather than 42R. I asked the saleswoman if they had any Longs and she said no, to which I asked if H&M sold Long sizes in general, to which she did not know. So my question is whether H&M makes suits in Long sizes? Thanks, Zack
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