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I realize this is a long shot, but I'm looking for a 42L RL Black Label in charcoal. Let me know if you've got one. Thanks, Zack
I'd like to stop into your NYC shop/office to try some things on. What's the best way to contact you to set up a time?
Looking for Ralph Lauren Black Label suits and sport coats in 44L. Thanks, Zack
I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks and was wondering what y'all thought would be better with the following ensemble: white linen trousers, pink shirt, green tie. I'm deciding between a DB navy blazer or a SB navy pinstripe jacket. In addition, any recommendations for a pocket square? I'm also open to other thoughts if you guys think this is all crap. PS: the wedding will not be too formal. I'm sure some will have suits but it is not black tie or anything. It's a...
Here's what the company had to say: "You would be clearly better with a 17” collar. We have had comments that the collar is smaller than competitors." Good information and a timely response. Now here's to hoping I enjoy their shirt as much as their customer service.
Yes, I've sent this question to them and am awaiting a reply. When they reply, I'll post up the answer here. But just thought I'd ask for any first-hand experiences as well.
I'm trying to decide what size to order for a shirt from WH Taylor (formerly Coles). I've basically a 16.75 and 36.5, but obviously no shirtmakers make this off the rack. I've had luck with 16.5/37 but am considering moving up to 17/37. WH Taylor offers either 16.5/36 or 17/37. Does anyone with experience with WH Taylor / Coles have any guidance as to whether their collars run small/large or their sleeves run short/long? Thanks, Zack
As the title says. Thanks! - Zack
Anyone know the lapel width on RLBL suits? Thanks in advance.
PM Sent.
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