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I realize this is a long shot, but I'm looking for a 42L RL Black Label in charcoal. Let me know if you've got one. Thanks, Zack
Looking for Ralph Lauren Black Label suits and sport coats in 44L. Thanks, Zack
I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks and was wondering what y'all thought would be better with the following ensemble: white linen trousers, pink shirt, green tie. I'm deciding between a DB navy blazer or a SB navy pinstripe jacket. In addition, any recommendations for a pocket square? I'm also open to other thoughts if you guys think this is all crap. PS: the wedding will not be too formal. I'm sure some will have suits but it is not black tie or anything. It's a...
Here's what the company had to say: "You would be clearly better with a 17” collar. We have had comments that the collar is smaller than competitors." Good information and a timely response. Now here's to hoping I enjoy their shirt as much as their customer service.
Yes, I've sent this question to them and am awaiting a reply. When they reply, I'll post up the answer here. But just thought I'd ask for any first-hand experiences as well.
I'm trying to decide what size to order for a shirt from WH Taylor (formerly Coles). I've basically a 16.75 and 36.5, but obviously no shirtmakers make this off the rack. I've had luck with 16.5/37 but am considering moving up to 17/37. WH Taylor offers either 16.5/36 or 17/37. Does anyone with experience with WH Taylor / Coles have any guidance as to whether their collars run small/large or their sleeves run short/long? Thanks, Zack
As the title says. Thanks! - Zack
Anyone know the lapel width on RLBL suits? Thanks in advance.
PM Sent.
As the title states. I'm most interested in a solid navy, navy pinstripe, charcoal pinstripe or solid light gray. I am, however, open to anything. Thanks, Zack
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