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Boccia has several slim quartz watches for $95 to $135. They are solid titanium which is a sort of matte silver/grey. I've owned several and liked them. I believe they are at
... I think boning in YOOX means pick-stitching
When you extinguish the estufa at night I was told what you need is a guaton con unas (a hot water bottle with fingernails). A thick, heavy Mapuche blanket or two helps also.
When I lived in Chile 15 years ago central heating was scarce. My office building had baseboard hot water heat, but it was quite cold in winter despite the fact that temperatures in Concepcion rarely got to killing frost. Great opportunity for flannel suits and trousers, heavy tweed blazers, sweater vests, etc. Air quality during winter inversions in Santiago was abysmal. Cuisine, apart from nouveau foody places, is unsophisticated, but superb seafood, meats, and...
[url][url/] This is a link to a tailor supply web site in New Jersey that sells MOP and horn buttons by the piece. I don't know what the quality is like, but they have a pretty good selection.
I recently bought a cotton/linen Lardini blazer from YOOX--$324 for an unlined, unconstructed summer jacket. Pricey, but I liked the fit and fabric and construction so I kept it. Sized 50 EU or 40 US which gave me a very slim fit and I wear a 39R US. The tags had been hand-corrected to 50EU Longo (long) but the jacket was a good length for me at 5'11" so I assume their slim fit jackets are quite short. The sleeves were way too long which is a problem because they have...
Yoox has a number of Boglioli S/S blazers listed in abaca and abaca/wool blends. All I could find out is that abaca is also called Manila hemp and that it's fine fibers from a banana species grown for fiber used in Manila rope. Jackets looked nice, but you can't tell much from Yoox photography.
Weekend price drops on YOOX for Caruso, Boglioli, Lardini, Cantarelli, Piombo blazers and probably others. Reductions around $60-100. Some of the usual perfect price discrimination/airline ticket demand gyrations as well (i.e. put on a sale, but raise some prices to search out the willingness to pay). Oh, Armani, too.
I'm very pleased with my purchase of two pairs of AS classics. Good price, thorough email communication, prompt dispatch, and super fast (although expensive) shipping with no Customs fees. Thank you! Oh, very good packaging, too.
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