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Hey guys I recently came across a new site selling suits called SuitableNYC Was wondering if any of you guys have heard of it? The company says that it sources its material from British mills and production is done in Shanghai, which is why they can sell a full tailored suit (jacket and pants) for sub ~$400. When you proceed to order a suit they ask for everything from bicep width to stomach size, giving the feeling that they may be a viable option for recent college...
I love the look of driver mocs, but being a college student in a small town, I tend to walk most including into town. This amount of walking, on average 3miles a day, hasn't been nice to the nibs on the sole of my current pair of Clark driver mocs. Is there a shoe that has is styled similarly to that of drivers, but have more durable soles? My price range is sub $200. I'm not a fan of loafers, at least most I've seen, but if there are some that look almost identical I...
So Nick Wooster Has been snagged up by J.C.Penney as their creative director..... Link
It may seem like a trivial thing to others, but I carry a bottle of water and a coffee mug everyday to my classes and not having bottle pockets are a key part of a backpack to me. I will admit that post is quite funny reading it now.
Question: Why are higher-end bag makers omitting bottle pockets on their bags? I realize the traditional bottle holders are made using mesh and elastic which decrease the appeal of a bag to people looking at that end of the market, but couldn't they design their own version of holders since a holder is a handy thing to have. For example, Makr makes a beautifully crafted bag and what they did was use some of the canvas to make bottle holders that look great on the bag...
Since they both are muted colours they are equally versatile and allow for them to be paired with almost any outfit. Seeing as you wear a lot of navy I would say go with the cream/off-white version so you don't look like everything on you is matching.I read and article that @lachyzee linked to in an earlier post about a review a guy did on the white canvas Makr bag and the guy believed that he enjoyed his white bag more cause of the various stains it got that made the bag...
I'm currently using a trifold (that I dislike immensely), but I've been eying the bifolds & card-cases made by Corter so I think I'll move on to one of those soon. BTW @Chris Waffles: How does the leather feel on your card case? Also, does it feel cumbersome in your back pocket when you sit or walk?
My dad recently showed me a article in Consumer Reports where they tested Multi-vitamins and found that Kirkland brand (which is sold at Costco or Sam's Club, I'm not sure) were the best in cost & the vitamins that are in them.
Just Wondering: Why do you believe that N&F is a shitty company? Do you also think their goods are shitty as well?
I admit that Herschel makes some very attractive bags - I originally was going to purchase the $85 version of the bag you have. Earlier in the Summer they weren't selling the version you have and for a while all of the stores that stocked their bags were out - I believe this was so cause they were making alterations due to the negativity their products were getting. Since the retailers have gotten in the new bags maybe they have made them better.
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