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@wurlwyde I have a Bordeaux mesh tank from fall 2013 in a 48 I'd be willing to let go of.
http://store.hypebeast.com/?filter-product_brand%5B0%5D=robert-geller Hypebeast picked up the Illusion shirt, printed shorts, and Dip-Dye crew thus far.
^ "check easy pant" homie
Do you guys not feel like Geller has been consistently inferior with regards to fabric and quality when it comes to his contemporaries such as Tim Coppens. Think this is a conscious decision?
Looks fucking great tonio028...could you tell me your height and weight info? I'm after a similar Tatras piece. Thanks
of my Geller pieces, the middle set of numbers is 2 numbers followed by a letter of either "H" or "C". pretty sure its the season followed by H for hot (SS) or C for cold (FW). Also, has anyone noticed something new on the tag of pieces from this season? On my dip-dye, it says Playjobs Ltd. Anyone have information on this?
whatever happened to geller
Damn, the Geller looks look like Urban Outfitters! Not feeling any of it. And the goofy pose for the jeans, awful. Maybe if just neck up was shown, might not be so bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by itsjustadrian i think a list would make this easier than having somebody ask "are you carrying 'x' this spring?" what are you carrying this spring mauro? ^ co-sign. here's most of their buy.. its not much. Souvenir Jacket- green Hooded sweatshirt- grey ribbed cuff shirt- green and medium grey skinny jean- black s/s covered button shirt- blue stripe double layer shirt- purple and a few others, but that's 90%.
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